IEEE IEEE 14th IEEE EMBS-SPS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging
Saint-Jacut de la Mer, Emerald Coast, Brittany
France, 19-25 June, 2022
Gaëlle Letort

Gaëlle Letort

Gaëlle Letort is a CNRS research engineer at Institute Pasteur since january 2022. She is developing image analysis and mathematical modelling solutions for the teams of the departement of developmental and stem cell biology.

Gaëlle gratuated from the applied mathematics and computer science engineering school ENSIMAG. Her phD was on numerical simulations of cytoskeleton auto-organisation at the CEA of Grenoble. She worked for a few months as software developer at Warwick University (UK) before to do a post-doctorat at institut Curie in systems biology where she developed a multi-scale software integrating physical dimension together with cell signalling in multi-cellular systems. Then she joined Collège de France for a post-doctorat where she studied oocyte meiosis with agent-based modeling and developed a machine learning pipeline to predict and characterize oocyte maturation based on images acquired in transmitted light. Finally, she worked as a research engineer in the core facility of Collège de France for one year where she developed image analysis tools for the projects of the teams of the institute..

Hands-on Icy

Gaëlle Letort
Institut Pasteur, France

Icy is a free open-source bio-image analysis software. Its development started in 2010 and it has been continuously improved along its life time and had continuously brought new features to users and developers. Today Icy is used by about 2 thousand of regular users which appreciate its intuitive GUI, its powerful ray-traced 3D visualization and its cutting-edge analysis methods. Users can also adapt and create new algorithms with script and the graphical programming protocol designer and store them on the Icy website which centralize all resources ( Thus it makes available plug-ins, protocols and scripts to everybody. Centralization also allows searching directly from within the application for specific features and enables it in a one-click install.

The course is about introducing Icy software to users, starting from basic tools usage and ending with graphical programming and scripting.

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