Conference scope

The GEPEA laboratory and the IMT Atlantique Nantes Campus invite you to participate in the annual conference on the following research topics:

Theme 1 / Wastewater treatment and reuse

Innovative and low energy processes. Wastewater treatment and disinfection for reuse.
Conversion of sewage treatment into eletric current or energy production.

Theme 2 / Air pollution control and abatement

VOCs, odorous compounds, NOx, SOx, halogenated compounds, particulate matter (PM10 to PM1), nanoparticles and bioaerosols.

Theme 3 / Waste minimization and energy or resources recovery

Waste treatment, energy from waste, direct reuse of by products, clean process.

Theme 4 / Routes for CO2 valorization

Chemical valorization, biotechnological valorization, energy valorization, circular economy.

Theme 5 /  Risk analysis and loss prevention

Analysis and risk assessment, new topics and future of process safety.

Theme 6 / Particles technologies and nanotechnologies

Reduction of particle emissions from production, usage and end of life.

Theme 7 / Simulation in environmental engineering

Ecological engineering, systemic approach, ecoparks.

Theme 8 / Green processes

New solvents, renewable resources, energy optimization, effluent re-use.