About RSP

The International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP) emphasizes design experience sharing and collaborative approach between hardware and software research communities from industry and academy. It considers prototyping as an iterative design approach for embedded hardware and software systems. The RSP series of workshop aim at bridging the gaps in embedded system design between applications, architectures, tools, and technologies to achieve rapid system prototyping of emerging software and hardware systems.

Rapid System Prototyping workshop seeks original contributions related to this target, encompassing a wide scope ranging from formal methods for  the  verification  of  software  and  hardware  systems  to  case  studies  of  emerging embedded systems and technologies. The workshop proposes a two-day inspiring international forum for discussing the latest related innovations and research activities. The workshop program will include keynote speeches and technical papers on timely topics.

The RSP workshop continues as a part of the Embedded Systems Week, that will be held this year on September 17-22, 2023 in Hamburg, Germany.

See http://www.esweek.org for more details.


Special Issues

For years, extended versions of top papers are proposed to be published in special issues of prestigious journals:

  • Design and Automation for Embedded Systems - Kluwer (RSP'1999, Vol 5, No 3/4, August 2000)
  • Transaction on Software Engineering - IEEE (RSP'2000, Vol 28-9, September 2002)
  • Journal of Systems and Software - Elsevier (RSP'2001, Vol 70-3, March 2004)
  • Design and Automation for Embedded Systems - Kluwer (RSP'2002, Vol 8-4 , December 2003)
  • IEEE Distributed Systems online (RSP'2006, Vol 8-3, 4, 5)
  • Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems - ACM (RSP'2007, Vol 7, Issue 4)
  • Software, Practice and Experience - Wiley (RSP'2010, Volume 42, Issue 7)
  • Special issue of the journal Electronics, MDPI AG, RSP'2014 and RSP'2015 (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/Electronics).