IIOT program

Tuesday, Sept. the 4th
8.30    Welcome coffee
9.00 Introduction to summer school
9.15 Lecture "Introduction to the Internet of Things"
10.00 Break
10.30 Hands on
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Lecture "How to connect your device with LoRa"
15.00 Hands on
19.00 Dinner


Wednesday, Sept. the 5th
9.00           Keynote speaker
  Pascal Thubert "Determinism in Wireless Networks"
10.00 Break
10.15 Hands on
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Keynote Speaker
  George Oikonomou "Multicast forwarding in 6LoWPANs with Contiki-NG"
14.45 Hands on
16.45 Poster and demonstration session
18.00 End of the day


Thursday, Sept. the 6th
9.00             Keynote Speaker
  Laurent Toutain "Why should we bring IP to devices?"
10.00 Break
10.15 Hands on
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Keynote Speaker
  Luigi Alfredo Grieco "Information Centric Networking in Intelligent
Transportation Systems: experiences
from the H2020 Bonvoyage project
14.30 Hands on
16.00 Social event: Visit Mont Saint Michel and Gala dinner at La Mère Poulard.


Friday, Sept. the 7th
9.00                   Keynote Speaker
  Antonio Skarmeta "Towards a Security and Privacy Framework
for Smart Objects
10.15 Hands on
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Keynote Speaker
  Christian Roux "Introduction to the German - French Academy"
  Marc-Oliver Pahl "Securing the Internet of Things"
14.45 Report on the results
15.30 Technical session on Testbeds and Real-World Deployments
  X. Fafoutis, A. Elsts, G. Oikonomou, R. Piechocki - "SPHERE Deployment Manager: A Tool for Deploying IoT Sensor Networks at Large Scale"
  F. Kauer, V. Turau - "Constructing Customized Multi-Hop Topologies
in Dense Wireless Network Testbeds
  Maria Rita Palattella, Federico Sismondi, Tengfei Chang, Loic Baron, Malisa Vucinic, Pablo Modernell, Xavier Vilajosana, Thomas Watteyne - "F-Interop Platform and Tools:
Validating IoT Implementations Faster
16.30 End of the Summer School