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The Summer School on the Industrial Internet of Things will provide young researchers with the opportunity not only to gain new insights in to this relatively new and highly relevant topic, but also to get in contact with recent advances in the field. It will have a special focus on Network connectivity, Cyber-security and Coding for the Internet of Things.
The Industry 4.0 is an emerging concept, which aims at transforming the plants and the fabrication process. The Internet of Things technologies will play a major role in this evolution. The main purpose is to make the production chain more flexible and adaptive to the production needs. However, new algorithms and communication protocols are required to provide differentiated service over a global network, potentially wireless.
The unique setting with the AdHoc Now conference being part of the summer school, and the innovative tooling, as well as the wonderful environment in St Malo will make the summer school a unique experience not to be missed.

IIOT summer school + AdHoc Now Conference

Registration to the IIoT summer school includes access to the AdHoc Now 2018 conference.