The French engineering school IMT Atlantique is organizing the aLIFE workshop between industry and academia, in Nantes during two days on January, 30-31 2018. The objective of this workshop is to share various experiences and success stories, as well as open challenges related to the contribution of software-related research to Factories of the Future, in French apport de l’industrie du Logiciel à l’Industrie du Futur Européenne (aLIFE). To this end, big multinational companies, as well as SMEs and academics will exchange through plenary sessions and discussion panels.







  1. Twisting the digital twin - modelling factories for process and resource reconfiguration
  2. Smart factories: smart enough? - supply chain and production optimisation
  3. Quality and cybersecurity: no joking! - cyber-security, data-privacy, reliability etc.
  4. Cloud manufacturing: what do you mean? - what is exactly CMfg, how to reach it etc.





  • The workshop: January, 30-31 2018
  • Registration open December, 15th.