Workshop on the Contribution of the Software Industry to the European Industry of the Future

Nantes, January 30-31, 2018


The French engineering school IMT Atlantique is organizing the aLIFE workshop between industry and academia, in Nantes during two days on January, 30-31 2018. The objective of this workshop is to share various experiences and success stories, as well as open challenges related to the contribution of software-related research to Factories of the Future, in French apport de l’industrie du Logiciel à l’Industrie du Futur Européenne (aLIFE). To this end, big multinational companies, as well as SMEs and academics will exchange through plenary sessions and discussion panels.

This workshop is free but open to 60 external participants only !

Registration opens on December 15!







  1. In search of the killer application
  2. Twisting the digital twin: modelling for process and resource reconfiguration
  3. Are smart factories smart enoug? supply chain and production optimisation
  4. Quality and cybersecurity: no joking!
  5. Cloud manufacturing: what do you mean?





  • The workshop: January, 30-31 2018
  • Registration open December, 15th.